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portfolio Management
Mastering the Project Office
Project Management
Value Management
Financial Management
Risk Management
Asset Management
Vendor Management
Product Lifecycle Management
New Product Development
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Asset Management


The Value of Asset Management
By: TriActive

Controlling the acquisiton, deployment, utilization and disposal of hardware and software assets is an essential function of an IT organization.

Many Companies Track IT Assets Poorly
By: Tom Smith

In one of the most difficult IT spending environments ever, it may come as a surprise that few enterprises have good systems for tracking the IT assets they already have.

Asset management: The hidden ROI
By: William Snyder

Because most asset management programs are focused on saving money related to lease overruns or invoice discrepancies, or via improved licensing, many IT organizations (ITOs) have failed to fully appreciate the considerable benefits of an asset management program.

The Argument for Tech
By: Scott Leibs

Economist Erik Brynjolfsson leads the charge toward a greater appreciation of IT.

Putting Personnel in their Place
By: Jonathan Poe

After CIOs have successfully installed and mechanized basic IT operations, they restructure their IT organizations (ITOs) to improve speed, scale, standards, and bench strength.

Software: A Terrible Thing to Waste
By: Peter Krass

Unused software may be costing you millions of dollars. Here's how we got here -- and what some leading companies are doing about it.

Leveraging Your IT Resources The $mart Way
By: Robb Dongoski

I am often asked by IT executives, "Is there a way to control IT costs while ensuring that my IT infrastructure will continually function at the level my customers, partners, and stakeholders demand and have come to trust?"

The Metamorphosis Of Information: The 90-Day Plan

Getting ready for the information supply chain requires more than rethinking technology decisions; you need a commitment from the executive team.

Breaking Out of the Downturn
By: Carol Orsag Madigan

Pressured by investors to pump up share prices, companies often slash such variable costs as R&D, new technology or advertising and execute mass layoffs.

Gartner: Poor IT asset management leads to waste
By: Scarlet Pruitt

Hardware, as it turns out, can be a lot like relationships: sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

Business Technology: What Tops Your To-Do List?
By: Bob Evans

So what's your summer going to look like? I've put together a list of Top 10 priorities that are perhaps staring back at you from your just-completed document entitled "To-Do List: Summer Projects."

The CSO: A Must-Hire
By: Judy B. Homer

Hiring a CSO requires redefining the culture of the company. The CSO will partner with HR and corporate trainers to teach the staff and subsequent new hires that everyone is required to participate in protecting the company's security.

Making the Case for Tech Spending
By: Daintry Duffy

Sure budgets are tight and spending's reined in. But you still needto invest in technology, even during lean times. Here's how, where and why the time is right to make those investments now.

Escaping Excel Hell
By: Alice Dragoon

Still using Excel to plan your budgets? Still frustrated by inaccurate forecasting? Help is on the way.

6 Ways to Keep Spending on Track and in Line
By: Daintry Duffy

You still need to invest in technology, even in tight economic times. But you need to be smart, careful and learn how to manage like a banker.

Government IT expert predicts upswing in tech activity
By: Matt Hines

BALTIMORE, Md. -- A leading government IT expert foreshadowed a major push in the e-government sector fueled largely by presidential initiatives and continued reaction to the tragedies of September 11.

IT and Business Capabilities Linked to Core Competencies
By: Jan Duffy

The basic tenets under which every commercial enterprise operates remain unchanged year after year.

CIOs need to think boardroom, not just data center?
By: Jon Panker

Cautioning the crowd that the next year will remain tough economically, Fleischer urged CIOs to take advantage of what the recent business climate has demonstrated to their bosses.

FBI Sees IT As Central To Its Reorganization
By: Eric Chabrow

Recruiting IT professionals and updating its infrastructure are high on the agency's new agenda.

The Power of 'How'
By: Frank Hayes

If you want to understand a statement that doesn't make sense, sometimes you have to know a little more about why someone would make it.

A Delicate Balance
By: Mary Hayes

Companies walk a fine line between scrutinizing tech spending and stifling IT leaders.

The Big Picture: We've Only Just Begun To Use IT Wisely
By: Leon A. Kappelman

We're in the early stages of using enterprise architecture to design better businesses.

Report: Asset-tracking troubles cost plenty
By: Thomas Hoffman

Poor tracking techniques can add 7% to 10% to firms' annual distributed hardware costs.

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