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portfolio Management
Mastering the Project Office
Project Management
Value Management
Financial Management
Risk Management
Asset Management
Vendor Management
Product Lifecycle Management
New Product Development
Service Mangement
Value Management


How to Determine the Value of a Project
By: Christopher Gardner and Ray Trotta

A methodology CIOs can use to determine the dollar value of new technology projects in terms of shareholder value.

What is Value Management
By: The Institute of Value Management

Value Management is a style of management particularly dedicated to motivating people, developing skills and promoting synergies and innovation, with the aim of maximizing the overall performance of an organization.

The Value of Project Management
By: Tom Mochal

Organizations that do not implement project management will be at a competitive disadvantage to those who do.

The Politics of Value
By: Steve Alexander

CTOs and CIOS straddle the line between technical expert and adept corporate politician: They must move the company forward technically and adeptly communicate the value of IT to senior management.

The Search for IT Value
By: Margaret Tanaszi

In the current uncertain and disruptive business climate, businesses need to do three key things: protect the value they have, build on that value, and extract every bit of value from their business practices.

Should CIOs Value IT Certification?

Certification tests mean nothing when it comes to getting a job done, because at least half of programming involves understanding the business of the company, not understanding the intricacies of multiple choice questions. What skill set is necessary to become successful?

The Value of Project Management
By: Jim Pennypacker

There are some companies that have built reputations for being able to consistently manage projects effectively. However, the vast majority of IS orginizations have a more spotty reputation.

"Would You Tell Me Please, which Way I Ought to Go from Here?"-Is Change a Threat or an Opportunity?
By: Michel Thiry

Change management can be viewed either by threat or as an oppurtunity and the outcome of the project and achievements of stakeholders' needs and expectations will be affected by that view.

Capitalizing on Economic Value Added
By: Tad Leahy

EVA is a measurement tool designed to strengthen companiesí return on capital investments. A study of best practices in EVA reveals that the metric can help reduce capital costs and improve gross revenues.

How to Communicate Value
By: Lee Pender

Translating IT value into business terms requires constant chats across corporate aisles. It means that every project fits into the company's game plan.

Measuring IT Value
By: Lorrain Cosgrove Ware

While the vast majority of IT executives feel that measuring IT value is an important priority, and in some cases directly impacting their compensation, very few have confidence in the reliability of their value measurements.

Value Made Visible
By: Tracy Mayor

Determining the bottom-line contributions of all those intangible IT benefits may not be easy, but it is possible.

Everything Is Measurable
By: Douglas Hubbard

Returns on technology investment should be far from fuzzy. If benefits can be observed, they can be counted.

Can You Convince Your CFO of The Value of IT?
By: Martha Heller

Your CEO wants an e-commerce program, your servers need an upgrade, your vendors just jacked up their prices, and your CFO is complaining that IT spending is out of control.

For Good Measure
By: Debby Young

Organizations hate to admit it, but the ugly truth is that three out of four IT initiatives fail. Why? They were basically developed in a value vacuum. Translation: They had no real connection to the profit and loss drivers of the business, so no business unit had a vested interest in their success.

Value Analysis and Function Analysis System Technique
By: Kenneth Crow

Value is not a matter of minimizing cost. In some cases the value of a product can be increased by increasing its function (performance or capability) and cost as long as the added function increases more than its added cost.

Calculating The Value of Time for New Product Projects
By: Lee Meadows

The following is a brief overview describing how new product teams can calculate the value of lost time during product development.

Capital Blue Cross
By: Richard Pastore

Building a better health-care plan: How one company weighed its opinions and made a measured decision.

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