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Portfolio Management
Mastering the Project Office
Project Management
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Vendor Management
Product Lifecycle Management
New Product Development
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Portfolio Management


Do The Math
By: Scott Berinato

If you want business credibility, you need to use business tools. Project portfolio management can help align IT, manage value and get you a seat at the big table.

Portfolio Management Articles Archive
Source: CIO

"The case for Portfolio Management", "Portfolio Management: How to do it right", "How to keep your customers satisfied", "Why good CIOs make bad decisions"...

Centralizing Management of Project Portfolios

Few enterprises are successful at selecting a portfolio of projects that aligns closely with business strategy.

Value at Stake: A Well-Done IT Investment Portfolio
By: Al Passori

CIOs must adopt portfolio management techniques and digital planning principles, and enact cost-cutting/avoidance measures to respond to a changing business climate and demonstrate their value proposition.

IT investment model wins converts
By: Thomas Hoffman

Portfolio Management is being used to save money by allowing companies to balance project costs against potential value and risk.

Making The Case For IT
By: Owen Linderholm

In our survey, 42% of executives said it was critical that IT employees understand the business strategy of their company, and 32% said it was very important. Only 2.5% said it was not important. Conversely, 27.5% said it was critical that the business unit's Project Management understand technology, and 42% said it was very important.

Demand For ROI Heats Up
By: David Lewis

As IT spending increases slow this year, IT and business managers have become ever more focused on measuring their return on e-business investments. A half-dozen vendors with ROI products and services say their clients are more demanding than ever. Companies now want to know the value proposition of a Project Management Software before they begin committing funds to it.

It's Not Your IT Portfolio It's Theirs
By: Paul Ingevaldson

CIOs who think they should be in charge of selecting IT projects are asking for a very short career, according to Ace Hardware's CIO.

Rethinking ROI
By: Informationweek

Some projects have become so important that companies are looking for new ways (Project Management Software) to measure their return on investment--or are dispensing with ROI studies completely.

The IT Measurement Inversion
By: Douglas Hubbard

To make the best investment decisions, IT Project Management must learn how to compute the value of information, and start modeling utilization and cancellation in cost-benefit arguments. Once they do, measurements will be properly prioritized and the IT measurement inversion will disappear.

The Impact of Ebusiness on Enterprise IT Management
By: James Herman

Look for the development of ebusiness using project management software to unfold over the next two to three years. And note that each stage has significant implications for IT project management and operations.

ROI in The Real World
By: Bob Violino

Still think there's no need to calculate the return on investment for your major IT projects? Get ready for a seismic shift: A growing number of IS executives say clearly defined financial planning for IT-based projects is becoming their standard operating procedure. With only a few exceptions, the days of "gut feel" justification for multimillion-dollar projects are winding down.

Pressure Mounts to Gauge E-Biz ROI
By: David Lewis

IT, Business managers slowly adopting metrics to show whether Internet projects pay.

ROI: Results Often Immeasurable?
By: Norm Alster

For an oft-invoked intangible such as employee empowerment, the Project Management Software would use input from employees (gathered by asking questions that have a scaled response, such as 5 for very likely, 1 for not at all likely, and so on) that zeros in on, say, the time that managers spend on supervisory tasks. If a project has, as one benefit, a reduction in such requirements, the process will be able to assign a hard-dollar value to at least one aspect of employee empowerment.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
By: Steve Bonham

A common method for tracking and supporting projects throughout an enterprise is through a project portfolio office. An IT-sponsored portfolio management office (PMO) can provide visibility into the health of projects and a support structure to help with project successes.

Lightning in a Bottle
By: Justin Kestelyn

In 2001, corporate officers spend hours in meetings to debate the business valuation of analytic applications, project management softwares, e-business middleware, and B2B technology initiatives.

All Together Now
By: Cathy Lazere

No doubt about it, Project Management budgeting and forecasting are universally loathed. For the finance department, the process can take six months to complete. For most operations people, it's an overly financial exercise designed mainly to please corporate headquarters.

Keeping IT Projects on Track
By: Matt Hamblen

As publicly held companies struggle to meet quarterly earnings targets, IT executives are under increased pressure to ensure that business-enhancing projects aren't curtailed.

Portfolio management coming to energy IT
By: Rick Nicholson

Project Portfolio Management offers a better way to represent the value of IT and explain it in language that executives understand.

Time to Market

To enhance the situation, projects are broken into smaller and more manageable parts. Milestones are introduced as intermediate control points. At the lowest level, the project consists of assigned tasks with planned start and finish dates. The goal is to manage the overall project by controlling the start and finish of all the parts.

A Time To Kill
By: Eric Krell

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to pull the plug on a foundering project than to fund its completion. While finance executives often make that decision, they can also provide valuable assistance early in the Project Management process guidance that can decrease the number of over-budget, past-due projects.

Take It Slow
By: Katherine Noyes

Speed may be the name of the game in most aspects of business today, but when it comes to implementing a value measurement program, slow and steady often wins the race.

Best of All Worlds
By: Judith Trotsky

Companies that gain the greatest returns from their IT investment decisions establish Project Management structures that integrate the best that finance and IT have to offer.

Don't Forget Architecture
By: Alex Cullen

To make the most of project portfolio management, be sure to include a view of your application architecture.

EPM: Improving IT Program Success Rates
By: Systemcorp

In the new millennium, a trend towards "Enterprise Project Management Software", commonly referred to as Program Management, has emerged within the project management industry.

Quality Management in Software Development Projects
By: Mike Harding Roberts

Delivering good quality systems on schedule on budget is every Project Management Software manager's goal. Early experience triggered Mike Harding Roberts' interest in quality and led him to some techniques that can contribute to project success.

Why You Need a Project Management Office
By: Megan Santosus, CIO

Companies seeking more efficiency and tighter monitoring of IT projects are opening project management offices in growing numbers. But don't expect a quick fix, easy metrics or an immediate payback.

How to Manage an Application Portfolio Plan
By: Raplh Menazno

Make sure your IT Project Management priorities are in synch with business strategies.

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