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portfolio Management
Mastering the Project Office
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Six ways I.T. projects fail—and how you can avoid them
By: Steve Ulfelder

Fewer than a third of IT projects (a lot less, some say) are completed on time, on budget and with the promised functionality.

Estimating a project: An special report
By: Stephanie Davidson

Estimation can influence whether a project lives or dies. Simply put, the estimate is crucial to both the project’s success and the project manager's career.

IT Project Planning
By: Susan H. Cramm

If you can get a senior business executive to commit to delivering specific results on an IT project management, you will have done most of the heavy lifting necessary to ensure success.

Managing Projects with a New View
By: David Foote

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) may be the perfect solution for companies struggling to adapt to Information Age business realities.

A Close Second
By: David Raths

As overworked CTOs take on more strategic business functions, they must develop their seconds in command to shoulder IT's increasing responsibility.

Why We're Still Talking About Alignment
By: Eric Berkman

A historical perspective on the evolution of business and IT alignment. Provides a strategic outlook on how to best manage current alignment problems, identify and implement emerging solutions.

Tips on Prepping IT For E-Business
By: Barb Gomoloski

Flexibility is what really counts when it comes to organizing for e-business.

Opportunity Buys Loyalty
By: Joanie Wexler

What makes an IT department like General Mills' one of the most successful at retaining valuable employees?

The Centralization/ Decentralization Debate
By: Jim Champy

During the IT centralization/decentralization debates of the '70s and '80s debates, managers argued over who should control the IT function. Now, the Internet is reviving the argument.

The Emergent Organization
By: Michel Thiry, PMP

Traditional organization style designed to thrive on mass production, stability and growth cannot be fixed to succeed in the current world where customers, competition and change demand flexibility and quick response.

Making a Case for Today's IT Leaders
By: Dan Cohen and Gerry Pulvermacher

Even though IT Project Management leaders are rarely thrust into the spotlight, they have more influence today on their organizations' destinies because virtually every employee function, business transaction and customer interface now involves an IT component.

Are Your IT Priorities Upside Down?
By: Jagdish N. Sheth and Rajendra S. Sisodia

For too long, IT investments—and the attentions of IT executives—have focused on the back office; it is time for IT to move aggressively to the front lines. It is time to turn your IT project management priorities upside down.

Happier Projects
By: Gobal K. Kapul

If just seven simple steps had been followed, the outcome might have been different in projectizing IT.

A Learning Loop for Successful Program Management
By: Michel Thiry, PMP

Complete Project Management Model, supports evolving decision making process.

The CIO as Coach
By: Eric Goldfarb

The following six guidelines can help IT project management enhance a climate for success and focus on attaining results from IT, instead of merely following a laundry list of objectives from the business.

Fast, Cheap and Under Control
By: Derek Slater

MISSED ANY PROJECT DEADLINES LATELY? Almost everybody has; after all, 28 percent of all IT projects get killed, and only 26 percent are completed on time and on budget, according to consultancy Standish Group in West Yarmouth, Mass.

Project management: An special report
By: Stephanie Davidson

Ever feel that project management is like running a three-ring circus? In most cases, you've got a monumental task, an unmotivated team, scattered resources, limited time and lots of pressure.

Prolonged IT Projects: A Thing of the Past?
By: Lucas Mearian

The sun is quickly setting on the day when IT managers can approach their companies' top executives and propose three-year IT projects that promise only increased internal productivity.

The Year 2001 Problem
By: Meg Mitchell

Are you getting the best return on all that money spent on Y2K? Not if you're wasting the skills your people acquired.

Summer School For Execs
By: Jill Vitiello

Forget the beach, barbecue or RV. Summer is the time to fine-tune your leadership skills. We found some programs worthy of your consideration.

Study: IT Employees' Work Hours Rise 30%
By: Julekha Dash

IT professionals have spent one-third more hours on the job this year than they did last year, according to a report issued last week by meta group Inc.

Free Advice: A Business Plan For IT
By: Roger Dick

Developing a strategic IT plan can help you avoid a long, expensive journey.

Come Together
By: Sarah D. Scalet and Lafe Low

CIO brought together three IT leaders and three business leaders and presented them with a daunting task: Decide on the best ways to achieve alignment.

The View From the Top
By: Sara D. Scalet

Former IT Project Management leaders who now occupy seats at the management table have an evolving IT perspective. Here's how they see it, then and now.

Trickle-Down Theory: Management Skills Spread Through IT
By: Diane Rezendes Khirallah

There's a trickle-down effect taking place in IT organizations, but it has nothing to do with economics.

IT Leadership: Are you the Right Fit?
By: Rochelle Garner

How do IT organizations recognize leadership potential among their technical staff? To find out, Computerworld posed a series of questions to high-ranking executives from the financial, manufacturing and telecommunications industries.

New Spins on Spin-Offs
By: CFO Staff

Could an idea whose time has come and gone have come again? In the 1980s and early '90s, leading-edge companies in every business sector imaginable believed they could spin off all or part of their IT organizations and turn sizable internal investments into lucrative ancillary businesses.

The Art of the New Deal
By: Carol Hildebrand

In the reshuffled game of technology leadership, how to you play your cards right? Start with these 10 winning strategies.

Test of Faith
By: Diane Rezendes Khirallah

Managers' outlook for the economy and IT spending is weakening. But confidence in their own companies is another story.

Big Brands, Small I.T.
By: Stewart Deck

Four companies, famous for doughnuts, hot sauce, bike locks and a lubricant spray, reveal that you can promote a high-profile brand with a small IT staff.

The New, New IT Strategy
By: Tom Davenport

First there was reengineering. Then ERP, KM and CRM. Is e-strategy the next killer app?

IT Leaders Must Rise in Face of Tougher Times
By: Pimm Fox

Rising energy costs, higher prices for raw materials and a slowdown in home building characterize the current state of the economy. The corporate landscape is dotted with weekly layoffs numbering in the thousands.

How to Build a Better CIO

It's not that i don't have a sense of my own future, it's just that I have a tough time picturing the reality of an individual day if it's more than, say, three months away. If you want to get me to agree to do something I really don't want to do or go someplace I really don't want to go, just ask me six months ahead of time.

Positive Thinking
By: Cheryl Rosen

In spite of budget cuts, many business and tech managers are still confident in IT's ability to bolster the bottom line.

Leaders Among Leaders
By: Marrianne Kolbasuk McGee

It's no surprise to anyone who's ever attended an IT Project Management conference, gone on a technology-product sales call, or sat in a computer-science classroom on a college campus: Men far outnumber women in IT.

Despite Spending Slowdown, It's Full E-Speed Ahead
By: John Gantz

You may think that because of the current talk of capital spending slowdowns and the Internet stock crash, you may get some sort of breather in rolling out major e-business applications.

IT Treads Cautiously Through Tech Recession
By: David Essex

This year, numerous IT vendors have announced layoffs and are witnessing poor or disappointing financial results. Tough times have spread far beyond the headline grabbing dot-coms.

Lose the "E"
By: Christopher Hoenig

While the Internet era certainly makes new demands on leaders, e-leadership is not the answer.

Carving Out Time
By: Patricia Wallington

It's no secret that many CIOs and IS employees question the advantages of IT project management certification. But if you look closely at the issues, you'll see that benefits come in two important guises: project efficiency and legal protection.

Virtual Mentor
By: Richard Pastore

CIO brings together an IT veteran and a newcomer for a help session on setting priorities.

It's Just Like 1995 Again
By: Phil Wainewright

Back in 1995, an enormous buzz took hold in the IT industry, as the popular emergence of the Web browser and the creation of Java seemed to have laid the foundations for a completely new form of computing.

How To Make In-House IT Compete
By: Alex Kozlov

Internal IT organizations have a mandate to deliver quality products and services to their companies at a reasonable cost.

Shark Repellent
By: Eric Berkman

Suddenly CIO Edward Nesta got hit with a $50,000 bill for services he never asked for. Naturally, he refused to pay. Naturally, the vendor threatened to sue—in Japan.

What Should CIOs Do to Lead During Hard Times?
By: Martha Heller

If Y2K Put CIOS on the map, and e-business moved them to the threshold of the executive boardroom, the country's predicted economic downturn will either give them a permanent place at the table or send them packing.

Project Management
By: Michel Thiry

It is important to note that the field of project management is an extensive one.

Manage Scope
By: Tom Mochal

Scope is the way that we describe the boundaries of the project. It defines what the project will deliver and what it will not deliver. For larger projects, it can include the organizations affected, the transactions affected, the data types included, etc.

Manage Metrics
By: Tom Mochal

Gathering metrics on a project is the most sophisticated project management process, and can be the hardest.

Making Change
By: Philip Diehl

The U.S. Mint's Philip Diehl found that overseeing an enterprisewide systems project is no easy task. Especially when you've got a deadline you can't afford to miss.

Project Versus Programme Management
By: Geoff Reiss

Project management tools are wide of the mark by today's standards. Expertise in project management software must be used to rethink the design and use of these tools.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead
By: Karl Wiegers and Johanna Rothman

Retrospectives provide a structured opportunity to look back at the project or phase you just completed. You might see practices that worked well that need to be sustained, or you might see what didn't go so well and gain insight into how to improve.

Project Management Overview
By: Edgardo Mejias, M.S.

Project Management (PM) is not a science, but rather an aggregation of best practices, skills, and techniques used to successfully plan and manage the implementation of a new system.

14 Key Principles for Project Management Success
By: Michael Greer

Project managers must focus on three dimensions of project success. Simply put, project success means completing all project deliverables on time, within budget, and to a level of quality that is acceptable to sponsors and stakeholders.

Ten Guaranteed Ways to Screw Up Any Project
By: Michael Greer

Don’t bother prioritizing your organization's overall project load. After all, if there’s a free-for-all approach to your overall program management, then the projects that survive will be those that were destined to survive.

Measuring Up
By: Lynda Radosevich

Juggling all the elements in complex IT projects takes more than experience and gut instinct. It takes metrics.

Planning To Build a Team: Using Modern Project Management Tools to Build a Project Team
By: Mark Durrenberger, PMP

Are you tired of being surprised by your projects? Frustrated by poor communication and planning before jumping into action? This article delivers a process and schedule that addresses these concerns.

Gantt Charting
By: Dr. Himmelfarb

Critical path project management is a method of calculating the total duration of a project. It is based on an understanding and graphical display of individual task durations and interdependencies.

Project Planning
By: Dr. Himmelfarb

We all know only too well the stresses of new product development management. Budgets are getting tighter, resources are slim, product development schedules are being even more compressed and the drive to get the best products to market on-time and within budget has intensified due to competitive pressures.

Selecting Projects
By: Dr. Himmelfarb

New product development is a gamble, even under the best of circumstances. At one time it was appropriate to decide whether to go forward with a development project by "gut feel".

IT Metrics for Success
By: Deborah Asbrand

Despite years of coaxing, IT organizations are largely reluctant to institute project-management metrics programs. IT departments at small and midsize companies in particular seem disinclined to institute policies to track the performance of development projects.

'Viewing' The Project
By: Ed Yourdon

It is a old joke that IT development projects are on track until a week before the deadline, at which point the customer discovers that the project is really six months behind.

Keep Your Project On Track
By: Neil Potter and Mary Sakry

As a software developer or project manager, you're probably more than aware of the problems that plague your organization. The problem list typically starts with overwhelming commitments and deadlines: The marketing department has been promised the first shipment by December.

Red Light, Green Light
By: Tracy Mayor

A project-tracking "dashboard" tool helps GM North America keep IT projects on the road.

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