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Mastering the Project Office
Project Management
Value Management
Financial Management
Risk Management
Asset Management
Vendor Management
Product Lifecycle Management
New Product Development
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Top 10 Tips For Securing IT Funds In A Slowing Economy
By: Michael Vizard

Whether you believe we're on the brink of a full-blown recession or just experiencing a temporary downturn, money will be tight for nearly everybody in the next few months or more.

Six Tips For Selling New IT
By: Stephanie Davidson

To ensure survival in a rough economy, IT managers have to learn to talk business.

IT Managers Caught Between Cutting Costs and Growing Revenue
By: Kevin Fogarty

The need for close coordination with top business managers is greater than ever.

Business Management Of IT, To The Rescue
By: Nick Evans

With so much focus on cost reduction, why not take out some cost from IT by doing things more productively!

Tech Priorities Shifting
By: Ted Kemp and Mike Koller

Projects that cut costs take precedence in economic downturn.

Investing in IT Infrastructure
By: Jim Champy

In spite of investments of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars, the IT infrastructures of most companies aren't ready for the Digital Age.

Hands On, Hands Off
By: Rebecca Lynch

To successfully manage outsourcing relationships, you have to focus on the big picture while taking care of the details. Can one person do it all?

Make the Most of your IT Budget
By: Paul Strassmann

The recent gyrations of Standard & Poor's stock market indicators should serve as a warning that recently liberal IT spending habits should now revert to more realistic levels.

The Gulf Between
By: Perry Glasser

Is the gulf between the IT and business people in your company as wide as the Atlantic? Is alignment a foreign tem? If any of this sounds familiar, perhaps you should read this story.

CIO's Tech Poll Predicts IT Spending Cooling Off; Weak profits Cited
By: Lorraine Cosgrove Ware

Technology budgets will increase over the next 12 months, but at a much slower rate than they did in 2000, according to CIO Magazine's Tech Poll of 282 IT executives.

Hard Times Ahead?
By: Gary H. Anthes

CIOs haven't been socked with budget cuts yet, but many are preparing to tighten their belts in the softening economy.

The Shrinking IT Budget
By: Cheryl Rosen

The slowing economy is causing some companies to examine technology projects more closely and justify IT spending.

The Cost of Cutting Costs
By: John Eckhouse

The economic downturn and the fallout from Sept. 11 have forced many business-technology leaders to administer tough medicine to their IT operations.

The ROI of IT
By: Martha Heller

A resource package for measuring the return on your technology investment.

What's Your ROI?
By: Jeff Sweat

Tools and services can help calculate, quantify IT's effect, but none are perfect.

Funding Strategy -- Paying For Strategic And Tactical IT
By: Steve Andriole

How much are you spending on IT annually? How does it break down? Are your hardware expenses rising faster than your software expenses?

IT ROI Metrics Fall Into Four Groups
By: John Berry

With the blizzard of metrics now available to companies to measure the return on IT investment, it's a good time to take stock of these varied techniques.

Doing The ROIght Stuff?
By: Howard Rubin

Improving the return on your IT investment should be a piece of cake, says Dr. Howard Rubin of the META Group. That's because most IT departments are in sorry shape when it comes to using business metrics.

Project ROI
By: Johanne Sammer

As the economy slips into recession, companies are insisting that projects provide a concrete ROI. Standardized processes and sound measurement systems can ensure that projects live up to their business case.

IT's Mandate: Deliver Results--And Fast
By: David Lewis and Mike Koller

One factor looms large in determining what projects will get funded and what projects won't at most companies: fast payback.

Why doesn't your ROI add up?
By: Christopher Koch

Y2K and the e-commerce gold rush made ROI analysis little more than an empty formality at most companies. Now ROI is back. We give you seven tips to see if your method measures up.

Five Thoughts about ROI
By: Daniel J. Horgan

According to the Standish Group, 70 percent of IT and e-commerce projects either fail or are completed over budget with less functionality than planned.

Hot Market, Cold Facts
By: Emelie Rutherford

Caveats aside, there are a few things one can do to estimate the ROI from a deal with an ASP.

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