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ROI Assessment Package

Unsure of your current project management Return On Investment (ROI)? Need help quantifying project management value within your organization? The ROI Assessment Package has been designed to ensure you are maximizing your potential ROI. This 5-day package includes an in-house evaluation of your current project management practices, process documentation, on-going metrics and reporting mechanisms. Our consulting team will help you define your ROI and provide recommendations for improving your return on investment forecasts.

Portfolio Management Execution Package

Are you experiencing a lack of project visibility across your portfolio? Could your resource management and project prioritization process be more efficient? The Portfolio Management Execution Package has been designed to help you manage your portfolio and align project priorities to strategic business objectives. Our consultants will help you enhance your current project scoring and prioritization activities to improve overall portfolio health and realize your portfolio investment cost savings. In addition, you will receive repeatable portfolio metric and reporting techniques for improved portfolio / project visibility.

Project Management Methodology Integration Package

Do you find yourself in need of a project management methodology but faced with competing priorities between managing day-to-day operations and implementing an integrated project management methodology? Our consultants can help you reduce your methodology definition and implementation time by providing you with a pre-defined Project Management Methodology tailored to your needs and specific organization structure. The Project Management Methodology Integration Package includes extensive project management methodology definition and process integration support, in addition to providing you with the necessary rollout strategy and mechanisms for managing future methodology revisions as part of the project lifecycle.

Project Management Office Implementation Package

Looking to set-up a PMO but not sure where to start? Our Project Management Office Implementation Package will provide you with effective PMO planning strategies and mechanisms for obtaining organizational buy-in and project delivery cultural change management acceptance. Our consultants will guide you through the PMO implementation process and provide you with post-rollout support integrating project accountability and Time-to-Market practices with your current organizational processes, providing value added results.

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