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Our Advanced Learning Workshops provide organizations with the necessary knowledge and support to improve project delivery and performance outcomes. Each session has been designed to address a specific knowledge area and can be customized to meet your current business needs.

Managing Risk & Contingency Planning
Capacity Planning Using Resource Leveling

Risk Management & Terminology Overview

Capacity Planning & Resource Management Overview

Mitigation Strategy Planning Resource Leveling Myths & Misconceptions
Contingency Planning Resource Leveling Do's & Don'ts
Risk Tracking & Analysis Proactive Method to Capacity Planning
Risk Reporting & Communication   Recommended: 1-3 days On-site
  Recommended: 1-2 days On-site    

Managing Crisis & Strategic Decision Making
PMO Reporting and Metrics Definition

Crisis Management & Terminology Overview

Project Tracking & PMO Responsibilities Overview

Firefighting Root Cause Analysis Metrics Identification Process
Crisis Management - Short & Long Term PMO Reporting & Metrics Best Practices
Decision Making Under Fire Metrics Definition - Case Study
Firefighting Avoidance Strategies   Recommended: 2-3 days On-site
  Recommended: 1-2 days On-site    

Hierarchical Planning & Scheduling
Defining Project Accountability

Work Breakdown Structure Overview

RAM Overview

Planning a WBS Roles & Responsibilities Terminology
Scheduling Management Current Role Definition Roundtable
Scheduling Best Practices RAM - Case Study & Roundtable
Scheduling Tools Overview   Recommended: 2-4 days On-site
  Recommended: 2-4 days On-site    

Managing Projects Using Earned Value
Implementing Process - Case Study

Earned Value Concepts Overview

Process Terminology Overview

Earned Value Terminology & Calculations Overview Implementing Process Best Practices
Mitigation Strategies using Earned Value Process Implementation - Case Study
Earned Value Reporting   Recommended: 1 day On-site
  Recommended: 2-3 days On-site    
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